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Have you considered Schluter Systems?

When you choose the Schluter shower system, you'll find it's a fantastic product line. The shower solutions you'll find here cater to all your needs with impressive results. You'll find they are as beneficial as easy to work with and so much more.

The more you know about this system, the better choices you can make as you shop. You'll find out how to take advantage of the best products and services. And you'll know just what to expect when you choose a specific option.

What is a kerdi board?

The Schluter kerdi board is a substrate used to create waterproof tile showers; it takes the place of cement and gypsum boards with lightweight, easy-to-maneuver options. The product is rigid and offers complete waterproof protection and added insulation too.

Choosing the perfect board is as easy as selecting your measurements. And you can use it for other spaces, such as surrounds, shelving, counters, and platforms. This product line is known as a "system" and why it can function well together with other pieces.

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Do I need a Schluter shower pan?

A Schluter shower pan offers a variety of benefits that could serve you well over time. Prefabricated trays offer a proper slope, which means you'll get the correct drainage. They might need some custom cutting, but they already provide a waterproof surface.

You can cut these shower pans to reduce or add them to make them bigger. And this customization makes it even easier to add them to your shower. Be sure to speak with us about the requirements for dry time and installation facts.

Bringing everything together

When you need the best for your shower, a Schluter shower system is a name you can trust. Be sure to ask about all the products and features that could work for your household. It's a great way to get the performance and lifespan you need.
Schluter Systems in Cozad, NE from Byrns Floorcovering, Inc.

We serve you with the best materials and services

At Byrns Floorcovering, Inc., we want you to achieve the very best in shower remodeling. We provide materials for results you'll love, and our associates are standing by to help. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with every Schluter shower system.

When you visit our showroom in Elwood, NE, you'll find the Schluter Systems you need most. Our service areas include Elwood, NE, Johnson Lake, NE, Eustis, NE, Lexington, NE, Holdrege, NE, and Cozad, NE. And we'll be here to ensure your best results, so stop by today.