Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for your home

Hardwood flooring is often the choice when the most extended lifespan is most important. With professional installation, the materials can serve you for over 100 years. Regular care, maintenance, and refinishing can help the products achieve this market.

But that's not all these floors can provide. Instead, you'll find classic, timeless visuals and durability for all lifestyle levels. And it could be the last floor covering you ever install, so be careful to consider all your choices.

The best visual in flooring

Solid and engineered wood flooring both offer visuals that are timeless and elegant. They're always in style, with visual components that start at the species level. Patterns, stain colors, and finishes help create the look you want most, and trends can keep you current.

Trends are available in various options and can include board width and color. Each one offers even more customizations, so they'll fit your most essential needs. Take time to consider all the hardwood flooring options that match your existing decor best.

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Durability increases the lifespan of any floor covering

When you need the most extended lifespan, wood floors offer outstanding durability that meets that need. If your flooring isn't rated for the level of traffic you have, the lifespan is usually reduced. So, more traffic and activity demand a durable floor covering as much as possible.

Durability starts at the species level, with a variety of hardnesses. In addition, finish and sealant can create even more durable lifespan opportunities. In addition, a textured finish can work to hide scratches and scuffs for a better appearance.

What do you need for your floors?

The beauty of hardwood flooring is that you can customize these products to fit your exact needs. Combine visual and performance benefits for the flooring that will serve you best. If you need help, our associates will be happy to come alongside you.
Hardwood flooring in Elwood, NE from Byrns Floorcovering, Inc.

We offer the wood floors you need most

Byrns Floorcovering, Inc. is a dedicated flooring company that works for you and your needs. Our products and services are everything you want and need for a fresh remodel. And we look forward to your project of any size, large or small.

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